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Pixie Dust is about a pixie monster hunter who is betrayed, murdered, sells her soul to the queen of the underworld, and comes back to Earth as a zombie to seek revenge on the king that killed her. 

Akta has been King Odgeir's best monster hunter since she was first laid on his doorstep as a child. When all of his other men fail to capture a dangerous monster, the king calls in Akta. 

Akta is strong. Akta is smart. Most importantly, Akta is a pixie, which means she can control pixie dust, a powerful magical artifact that allows her to disappear and reappear at will. 

King Odgeir wants that magic so he can make an army of super soldiers and rule the planet, but Akta won't give it up. 

That's when he betrays her, poisoning her wine after a particularly hard mission so he can steal the dust for himself. Akta barely escapes the castle before dying in the forest and being sent to Hell. 

In Hell, Akta seeks to the god of the underworld, Velaska, for help, and is granted the ability to come back to Earth and seek revenge against the king. If she succeeds, she will be able to live out the rest of her life on Earth. If she fails, she'll carry out his sentence on top of hers.

Akta agrees. However, she comes back to Earth to discover a horrible mistake. Her body has been decomposing for over a week, and she's now a monster, the very thing she hates most in the world. 

Can she carry out her vengeance with a crumbling body? How will people treat her now that she's a monster? 

These are the questions we explore in Pixie Dust

***As a special thank you for ordering from my web store, I am including the audio commentary of this book free of charge (a $10 value)***

Why did I write this book? 

I love fantasy stories, but up until now I've only worked with urban fantasy, horror, and mystery. I desperately wanted to make something set squarely in the medieval times of most epic fantasy, back when the world was chock full of awesome monsters.

I love the monsters of epic fantasy; ogres, orcs, pixies, imps, goblins, trolls, fairies, and so many more. I could name them forever. 

This book is chock full of monsters. I mean come on, I'm the monster guy. You are gonna get monsters. Oh so many monsters. 

However, I wanted to utilize monsters in a different way with Pixie Dust than I ever have before. 

In my previous books, monsters have always been the enemy. This book posits a world where monsters may not be evil. 

Akta, the heroine of the book, is a monster hunter. She has spent decades fighting monsters, but when she becomes a zombie, she starts seeing how monsters are treated in society. 

She makes friends with good-hearted monsters who just want a good life for their families, and it gnaws away at her.

She questions everything she knew. What if monsters aren't evil at all? What if they are just misunderstood? 

I love infusing exciting stories with allegorical meaning, and Pixie Dust is no exception. You can read this book and just have a fun time. However, if you want to think about revenge, race, and prejudice in a deeper way, then you can do that, too. 

I came up with the idea for Pixie Dust in 2012, and struggled to find an artist until 2016, when I met Nic Touris, who loves fantasy as much, if not more, than me. 

We worked together on a few small projects, but I wanted to work with him on something epic. When I pulled Pixie Dust out, he flipped for it. Why did he join the book? He's what he told me: 

"I was excited before I had even read the script. I really liked Ichabod and Katrina (especially Ichabod, you know I'm a fan lol). It was fantasy and I got to draw a fairy butchering goblins. It was a perfect storm for me, I genuinely enjoyed every page."

Nic worked on this book for over 18 months, and it's finally DONE. 100% done. 

Yes, that's right. We've completed all 112 interior pages AND cover. That's 88 story pages, 10 pinups, and a bunch of back matter content! 

It's ready to print and now we just need you to help make that happen. 

Not only do we have an amazing story for you, but we also have a ton of amazing artists doing pin-ups in the back of our book! 

Pinups include: 

Jen Hickman - (Mercy Sparxx, Spread, Jem and the Holograms; www.comixology.com/Jen-Hickman/comics-creator/13638)

Bruno Chiroleu - (Super; www.comixology.com/Bruno-Chiroleu/comics-creator/38036)

Juan Frigeri - (Spider-Man, Star Wars, Katrina Hates the Dead; https://comicvine.gamespot.com/juan-frigeri/4040-76794/issues-cover/

Rivenis - (Diskordia; diskordiacomic.com)

K Lynn Smith - (Plume; plumecomic.com)

Saint Yak - (Go West; saintyak.deviantart.com)

Renzo Podesta - (27, Skip to the End, Ichabod Jones; renzopodesta.blogspot.com)

Angela Fullard - (Detached; tapas.io/series/Detached)

Morgan Beem - (Then It Was Dark; www.morganbeemart.com/fearnot-1)

Kelsi Jo Silva - (www.kelsijosilva.com).

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Pixie Dust

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