Katrina Hates the Dead

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What would you do during the Apocalypse? How would you survive?

Those are the questions that have plagued Katrina for years. All the good boys and girls were raptured up to Heaven, leaving the rest of humanity to ask a single, solitary question: “Why not me?”

Hellspawn rose from Hell and rampaged across the world, eviscerating all they came across. It was bedlam, Hell on Earth. There was nothing anybody could do to stop it.

Then the Hellspawn got bored and settled for a quiet life in the suburbs. They squatted in the homes of the people they once mercilessly murdered.

And that’s where Katrina Hates the Dead starts. Humanity survived the rampaging demons and now has to work and live alongside them. They steal all the good jobs, and leave humanity cowering is squalor.

Katrina is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end. She fights minotaurs, Cerebus dogs, zombies, demons, and more, as she fights across the plains of oblivion.

But the book also explored the deep pain and angst of a society that was forsaken by god, decimated by Satan, and left to live in hunger.

And yet humanity is strong. They persist. But everything has a breaking point, and after watching friend after friend die at the unforgiving and unjust hands of fate, Katrina’s had enough and sets out to face off with the Devil to earn back her old life.

Katrina Hates the Dead Is a 116 page single volume graphic novel. It's a complete story told in five issues. Katrina Hates the Dead is a tongue and cheek look at how crappy it would be to live in the Apocalypse. 

Almost every story about the Apocalypse starts immediately after the Apocalypse begins, showing the horror and terror that follows the first days of living in "Hell on Earth".

Katrina Hates the Dead isn't that kind of book.

In Katrina, the Apocalypse is already old news. It happened years ago. Everything has settled down, and the Hellspawn have taken up residence on Earth. They are next door neighbors to the humans they slaughtered. They take hard working humans jobs. 

It's a downright sucky row to hoe, but it's everyday life. 

Katrina, our heroine, is a little sick of fighting monsters, waiting on monsters, and buying her groceries from monsters. She wants her old life back. So she sets out to do something about it. 

She sets out on a journey to Hell to kill the Devil and end the Apocalypse once and for all. 

We took that trope as old as time, the Apocalypse, put a new spin on it, and added a ton of comedy elements. This isn't a heavy handed book at all. It's a monster filled, sarcastic, satirical good time. 

But don't just take it from me, here's what FANBOY COMICS had to say about Katrina: 

"Take it from this Comic Book Slayer, fans of edgy horror comics like Hack/Slash or tongue-in-cheek horror tales like Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland will devour this book like starving zombies devour fresh brains. The creative team behind Katrina Hates the Dead is an impressive one. Artist Juan Frigeri’s work is expressive, exciting, and sets a fun, yet thrilling, tone throughout the story."

***As a special thank you for ordering from my webstore, I am including the audio commentary into your order free of charge ($10 value)***


  1. I have been working on The Godsverse Chronicles for over a decade because this book exists. It literally allowed me to survive when I went full-time and carried me for years.
  2. Katrina is a one-of-a-kind character that you only get to write a couple of times in your whole life. There was a magic to this book that's more than just the magic in this book.
  3. This book opened every single door for me. It allowed me to walk into every room with confidence. Juan went on the work for Marvel and you can absolutely tell in his art that he's on his way during this book.



HAHAHAHA, how can a book be so violent and hilarious and brilliant at the same time? It's everything I needed in a comic right now, and I need this made into a movie, or a show. It's fantastic!

-S.E. Anderson


Who would have thought the apocalypse could be so much fun? Certainly not Katrina, she hates it. But her adventure through it is damned enjoyable. 2 parts Buffy, 1 part buddy cop movie, 4 parts that good ole battle between good and evil, a sprinkling of bad relationships, add to the apocalypse and bake until hilarity ensues. It's as violent as it is funny.

-Anthony Bachmann


I loved the quirkiness of this character. Katrina is a total badass who kicks ass and doesn't take names. This book had such a different twist on the apocalypse and didn't go into all the dark seriousness that I often see in books of this genre. I enjoyed the lightness, yet total kick ass of it.

-C.J. Lopez


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Katrina Hates the Dead

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