The Godsverse Chronicles Complete Series

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Are you obsessed with mythology?

Do you go gaga for monsters?

Do you love exploring new fantastical worlds?

Then you'll love my 12-book portal fantasy series, The Godsverse Chronicles.

***This series is over 4500 pages of reading, plus a bonus 118 hours of audiobook and audio commentary content!***

Portal fantasy is my absolutely FAVORITE genre of fiction, whether it's The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, The Magicians, His Dark Materials, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe The Hazel Wood, Caraval, Ten Thousand Doors of January, Peter Pan, Coraline, or literally any other book about characters traveling to different places, worlds, realities, they are my jam. 

If it has portals, then I'm there, and the Godsverse Chronicles has just about every portal story you can imagine. 

Across the twelve books of the series, the main characters of the Godsverse travel to Heaven, Hell, Mount Olympus, Valhalla, other dimensions, different planets, time, space, and reality on their adventures across Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, and Judeo-Christian mythology. 

What is the Godsverse?

The Godsverse is a universe where all gods are real, but they are kind of useless dicks, just like the old gods from mythology.

I could get behind the ethos behind those gods. They aren't all-powerful, all-knowing, or all-benevolent. They just kind of sucked, like the humans they ruled. 

In the Godsverse, when a new habitable world is formed, all the gods from all pantheons come to make sure that it's functional and sustainable. They help humanity, fragile and weak creatures, flourish in the harsh universe. That's why there were so many god sightings in the past

Once a world is sustainable, then the gods move on to the next world, leaving one god in charge as regent. Some gods are good rulers. Some are not so great. Others downright suck. 

The Godsverse is portal fantasy, with mythological gods and action-adventure tendencies. It is fast-paced, full of plot twists, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Spoiler alert: It's all 12 books of The Godsverse Chronicles. 

Keep scrolling to check them each out.

PLUS, as a special bonus for buying directly from me, I'm adding both the audio commentary and AI audiobooks to your order for free.


Sadie was a changeling, which made her an excellent thief. She built a good life for herself off her incredible talents. After amassing a small fortune in the criminal underworld, she was ready to retire and live a simple life with her girlfriend.

Unfortunately for her, Sadie had a weakness for gobs of money made quickly. So, when a job came along that promised her $250,000 for a few days of work, she couldn’t say no.

All she had to do was track down an impossible to find dagger before the end of the week and she would be rolling in dough.

How hard could it be? Besides, she was the best…but even the best fall down sometimes.

Her mission will take her across the Cold War-era world and into the seedy underbelly of the demonic weapons trade. Can she avoid being caught by the most dangerous magical creatures in the world as she tracks her prize, or will she slip up and destroy her perfect little life?

Find out in the thrilling prequel novel to Magic, and an exciting introduction to The Godsverse Chronicle universe, in Change.


Ollie wasn't looking for trouble, but after she saved the Antichrist from being slaughtered, it came for her.

Ollie lived by one rule. Never get involved with anyone for any reason; humans, demons, fae folk, it didn't matter. They were all trouble. Keeping her distance was how she survived in the criminal underworld for so long.

Keep your head down and don't piss anyone off. That was her motto, especially since her clients all had access to powerful dark magic.

She thought she had a flawless system for keeping her nose clean, so how did she wind up in a stolen car, with a demon spawn in her back seat, driving away from her ex-lover and a gang of demons ready to skin her alive?

That's a good question.

And why did she agree to help save the demon's life so she didn't get sacrificed to open the gates of Hell?

An even better question.

She had one rule. One stupid rule. And goes right down the toilet.

Now, the only way for Ollie to get her life back is to save the girl, prevent the Apocalypse, and track down the people who betrayed her.

They will pay. Oh yes, they will all pay.


Anjelica’s mother never told her that she was a demon. Now, all she wants is her old life back, but that’s not possible for her. Not after what she’s seen.

Anjelica used to be a popular cheerleader with an awesome life, but that was before an evil cult of demons tried to use her blood to open a portal to Hell and start the Apocalypse.

She was rescued from that fate, barely, and because of the imminent threat to her life, her saviors ripped her from Los Angeles and brought her to a safe house in the middle of nowhere.

They said it was for her own good, but she would rather be dead than stuck in boring, old Bronard, Missouri. She was from the big city, so a sleepy, rural life wasn’t for her.

She longed for excitement.

So, when she met a young witch with a mysterious past who promised to show her everything she knew about opening portals and traveling between distant lands, they bonded immediately

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

It’s not like they would open an intergalactic gateway to another planet and get thrown into a brand, new world with no way to get back to Earth, right?

Join Anjelica in her own solo adventure and find out what happened to her immediately after the events in Magic.


In the ashes of her past, she will rise up, and her death will save us all.

Lizzie ran from her past for ten years, zigzagging across the United States every few months, trying to outlast the prophesy that an oracle gave to her when she was just sixteen years old.
But nobody can run from their destiny forever.

After watching her friend brutally gunned down by a group of ruthless demons, she had no choice but to protect the woman’s child, and there was only one place where Lizzie knew the girl would be safe.

Bronard, Missouri.


She stayed away to protect her parents, but the girl needed mystical protection.

Her parents had taken in magical strays their whole lives, including Lizzie. If anyone could save the poor child’s life, it would be her mother and father.

But will returning to her home doom Lizzie even as she works to save the child she has vowed to defend?


Heaven is fractured. Hell is about to burst. Earth is a powder keg. The Apocalypse is nigh.

For decades Kimberly has fought against the Apocalypse, battling every prophecy, and keeping the world safe from monsters. She’s nearly single-handedly held back the demonic forces that threatened humanity with little help aside from her wife, Molly.

But now, the angels of Heaven conspire against God. A militant faction has broken from the Almighty and seeks to join with demonkind to finally unleash the Apocalypse, and it is too much for Kimberly and Molly to handle on their own.

They must call on Ollie, Anjelica, and Lizzie to join forces with them against the greatest threat to Earth any of them have ever known. Only together do they stand a chance at saving the world from being overrun with monsters.

But will even their combined forces be enough to battle the demons and angels working to unleash Hell onto the world?

Find out in Heaven, told from four points of view as the women of The Godsverse Chronicles fight to prevent the Earth from descending into anarchy.


The Universe is the worst.

Katrina was just a normal person with a simple life. Then, the Apocalypse descended upon her, and she spent two years fighting with and living among monsters.

They were neither pleasant nor polite neighbors, so she snapped and set out to Hell to kill the Devil.

That's when the carnage started.

Action, adventure, humor, and chaos abound in this portal fantasy action-adventure thriller that's paced for edge-of-your-seat excitement.

Join Katrina on a hair-raising adventure that pit her against God, the Devil, Zeus, Hera, and Cronos himself as she traipses across the universe breaking as many things as she fixes, fighting her way through Greek, Roman, and Judeo-Christian mythology, and causing trouble at every stop along the way.


The Universe is a dangerous place…even for the gods.

Rebecca Lobdell survived her planet being attacked by a vicious alien race in Death, but now she has taken on her biggest challenge yet.

Rebecca Lobdell has joined the Godschurch, an intergalactic agency that protects gods around the universe. For a time, their job was easy. 

However, a terrorist organization known as the Godless has found a way to kill gods, and they won’t stop until every seemingly immortal being is vaporized into oblivion.

Follow Rebecca Lobdell as she journeys from planet to planet to bring down the Godless and return peace to the universe.


Living is the best revenge…even if it’s living in Hell.

When Akta is murdered by her adopted brother, the fearsome pixie swears a loyalty oath to the queen of the underworld for a chance to return to Earth and seek her revenge.

However, pledging her soul to the ruler of Hell means an eternity of perdition, being forever called upon to fight against those who wish to destroy the ruler's sovereign realm.

During her service to the throne, Akta battles angels, demons, dragons, orcs, and the most twisted beings in all of damnation as she works to keep the underworld safe from conspirators who threaten to upend the very gods themselves and sow chaos throughout creation.


Pixies are real. They are being hunted. Their enemies are merciless.

Julia Freeman is a simple teacher from a small town in Colorado who longs for an adventurous life in the big city.

When she discovers that she is a pixie and that a dangerous cult is determined to drain her blood to open a portal to Hell, she immediately regrets wishing for a life filled with excitement.

Julia never wanted to be a hero. She just wanted to escape her hometown.

But now she has no choice but to fight for her right to exist against deadly foes determined to destroy the world and slaughter her in the process.

Can Julie survive demonic cults, secret societies, and enemies of unimaginable horror, or will she succumb to the supernatural forces determined to kill her and bring about the end of the world?


The Lords of Hell collude to ruin Katrina and end her reign as Devil.

Katrina has been the Devil for over 150 years, and the demons of Hell hate her. Not only is she a woman, and a human, but she’s trying to modernize Hell, bringing technology to Dis, and treating monsters like employees instead of slaves.

Blasphemy to the natural order.

A conspiracy congeals to take down Katrina by summoning the Four Horsemen and initiating the cataclysmic destruction that is Ragnarök.

If the demon dukes succeed, the Universe is doomed.

Only Katrina, Julia, Akta, and Kimberly have any chance of stopping the world from descending into chaos.


Death consumed her, until she embraced it.

Kimberly hasn’t had an easy life.

It started when she was kidnapped by a banshee at the tender age of eight years old.

As a teenager, she watched in horror as her partner died in front of her.

In adulthood, she played a crucial role in saving the world from an angelic civil war.

Those unbelievable moments only scratch the surface of her incredible life. There is so much more to her remarkable story.

Follow a college-aged Kimberly as she desperately tries to summon a beloved friend from beyond the veil of death.

Join Kimberly as she searches for the love of her life in the first days of the Apocalypse.

Explore the ramifications of Kimberly's perilous choices during Ragnarök, as she deals with her new place in the cosmos.

Few beings in the universe have had as significant an existence as Kimberly. Now, you can delve even deeper into her amazing journey. 


The end of the Universe is coming, and it will consume everything in its wake.

The Godschurch is in shambles, hemorrhaging money and support among the various pantheons of Gods.

Katrina, Julia, Akta, and Rebecca spend their days fighting for backing among the deities but are making mercilessly little headway with them.

In the eyes of the immortals, the Godschurch is a joke. However, when the gods start dying at an incredible rate, the church might be the only hope for the galaxy…whether the divines like it or not.

Join Katrina, Akta, Julia, Kimberly, and Rebecca in the most explosive entry into The Godsverse Chronicles yet, as they work to stop the Primordials from unraveling the very fabric of existence…with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance.

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epub, mobi, pdf, and mp3 of the audio commentary and AI audiobooks. A total of 4500 pages of reading and 118 hours of audio content!

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The Godsverse Chronicles Complete Series

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